Sexual Harassment in Digital Medium Exists, but the payback is immediate

06 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • AIB was quick to blackball Utsav’s videos
  • Arunabh Kumar was forced to quit from TVF, the company he created

The Utsav Chakraborthy fiasco has revealed what could have taken years if it ever went to litigation – sexual harassment exists, and it exists in the so-called new, fresh medium of digital entertainment. There are many reasons why streaming is so successful in India, and it’s not just about creative people not wanting to go the financer-producer-distributor-exhibitor shlock. It’s also because younger creative people were and are wary of working with industry veterans who have whispering campaigns against them.

It’s not rare to hear something about someone respected in the most unique of places – screening rooms, house parties, hotel washrooms, and even the coffee sessions in board rooms after a stiff, strict board meeting is over. About the Bollywood film industry, the stories are all over – and they are so many and so routine that you can’t put it to an angry reporter who’s not got an interview voicing his or her disgruntlement by saying an actor does or did so and so.

That’s exactly what the AIB post has said. They knew about Utsav, they knew what he was doing, and they decided to stay away from it all. We now need to see how the new media does disaster management. Is a ‘we’re sorry’ okay?

The Tanushree Dutta case is becoming weirder by the day, with all the people involved talking about it now. It’s interesting to see that someone like National Commission of Women has not taken a suo moto cognisance of it. It’s interesting that Tanushree Dutta did not file a case then and is not filing a case now.

Thankfully, that’s not the case when it comes to the world of streaming. TVF is now going through a post Arunabh Kumar and a pre Anurabh Kumar scenario. The CEO was accused of sexual harassment and quit just weeks after the proverbial hit the fan.

Let’s hope this continues.