Indian Girls rocking the Instaworld

19 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes

An Instagram account is a gift that keeps on giving, and it’s free! Several Indian actresses take out the time to post sultry photographs of themselves in exotic locales – giving their fans vacay goals and physique goals. We look at the 6 sexiest Instagram accounts that have been rocking Indian bandwidth for a while now:

  1. Karishma Sharma:

Karishma Sharma shot to fame with her Ragini MMS Returns outing with ALTBalaji. Since then, she’s been showing off her curves and toned physique on Instagram and capturing the fan’s imagination and fantasies since a while.

  1. Lisa Haydon:

Apart from the controversial posts that Lisa Haydon does, she also posts some jaw-dropping photos of herself in itsy bitsy bikinis and some amazing costumes.  She is also one of the first Indian celebs to post baby bump photos in a bikini.

  1. Esha Gupta:

The moment you reach Esha Gupta’s Instagram account, its her striking looks that just get to you. The leggy gal regularly posts pics that become talking points among fans in an instant.

  1. Ashika Pratt : 

Ashika Pratt’s Instagram account is a revelation. Not only does it have her in some mind-blowing swimsuits and lingerie, it also shows the kind of exercises a person needs to go through to get that toned physique that Ashika rocks. This account has some of the most tastefully captured lingerie photos.

  1. Gauri Mehtaa:

Gauri Mehtaa’s Instagram account is for anyone who wants to gaze at the natural bod look. This girl flaunts her amazingly hot bod in everything from a two piece to a bikini to a worked-out leather breeches.

  1. Ketika Sharma:

Ketika Sharma is an internet celebrity like few others. She has yet to be seen in a film or a series but is abundantly popular with the younger fans. Her dubsmash and videos are quite a rage with the crowd. But what makes her stand out in this list are her gorgeous photographs that have her in some stunning costumes, including swimsuits.

This is our list of 6 hottest Instagram accounts that you should follow. Have some for us, tell us in the comments section.