Series we don’t want to end in 2018

30 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The digital entertainment continues to enthrall us, but some web series have become a part of our life. But some of these titles are all set to have their last season in 2018 and we just don’t want to see them going. Here’s the list of the web series that will have their finales in 2018. Read on.

  1. House of Cards (Season 6) Netflix

Surely the ruthless politician Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) may not be part of the new season, but die-hard House of Cards fans don’t want the series to end. With Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) helming the finale series, surely there can be much more to explore in USA’s political environment.

  1. Sense8 Special Finale Episode Netflix

Some Sense8 fans rejoiced that Netflix will be coming out with a two hour special episode in 2018; but that really doesn’t suffice, does it? The series has more telepathic experience for the audiences.

  1. Love (Season 3) Netflix

The funny alt-rom-com is coming back to Netflix for one final season on March 29, 2018. Mickey (played by Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust), the two lovelorn 30-somethings come back onscreen to make their relationship work. We just can’t get enough of their love, hope they come back.

  1. Veep Season 7 Hotstar

The political satire starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus will return one last time for its final season of 10 episodes in 2018. Julia’s Selina Meyer will run for a return to the presidency in this last season of the series.

We have enjoyed all the previous seasons of the web series mentioned above. Here’s hoping that the OTT platforms renew them for a few more seasons. Fingers crossed!!!

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