Have you seen this? President Trump is being trolled and how!

USA President Donald Trump who is known for his one-liners and tweets (which can be mean and bordering an insult) has just been given a taste of his own medicine by The Birds and The BS, the kids show for adults on YouTube.

It their latest video, they are talking about how a man Burt (fictitious obviously) is scared to go out of his house, because his hands are very much like President Trump’s – small with tiny fingers. This makes his the butt of all jokes and he doesn’t want to be ridiculed. Advising him how to deal with it is Mr. Jordan and his guest Licensed Size Queen Billy Porter. Through a song, they teach him how we should not make fun of all things tiny.

The various references will leave you ROFL, and if you don’t follow the US President and his words much, you might also end up google-ing much. Nonetheless, you will have a great time watching it.

You can stream the video here

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