Did you see it? Amazon Prime is all set to woo mystery lovers with Absentia trailer

15 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The trailer of Absentia has recently been released by Amazon Prime Video and it will definitely leave you asking for more. Castle fame Stana Katic plays Emily Byrne, an FBI agent who is searching a serial killer, while the killer is accused of killing Emily in the encounter, she reappears six years later.

Her husband played by Patrick Heusinger is now remarried, and Emily’s son is being raised by another woman. Besides the personal drama that she has to cope up with, Emily is also accused of some gruesome murders.

The 10-episode web series is directed by Oded Ruskin. It will debut on February 2 on Amazon Prime, with the entire show being released at once.

Amazon Prime is constantly looking to upp the ante with Netflix always scoring points with the audiences with its extremely eye-catching content. But Amazon now seems to have got an idea on content that ‘clicks’ with the audiences.

Watch the Absentia trailer here: