All seasons of ‘ADULTish’ stream on Footprint

19 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

All the three season of ADULTish – the geeky web series – are now streaming on Footprint.TV. The web series also grabbed some awards at the Seoul Webfest – the series got “Best Actress” and “Best Web series in All Genre”.

Footprint.TV is an independent lifestyle and entertainment network delivering content to online viewers, and is in partnership with OTT networks, platforms and service providers.

Victoria Cheri Bennett, the star of the series has also created it; she is also the co-founder of Orphans Productions, which produces the series.

Adultish follows the life of Bevin, a young(ish) blogger living in New York City; investigating ‘Y’ her generation is refusing to grow up. Along with her best friends, they embark on any path they can find to transition themselves into adulthood without sacrificing their love for all things Nostalgia and Childish.

The series explores the serious struggles faced by maturing millennials living in New York City.

Watch the Adult-ish 3 trailer here