Season 3 of the hit Instagram series, ‘Firsts’ on Dice Media

07 . Jun . 2021
Reading Time: 1 minute

Firsts Season 3 explores a same gender romantic relationship between two young girls, who match on Tinder and decide to onboard an exhilarating journey of understanding love, life, and more together. A heartwarming story that blossoms during the lockdown, this season is a tale of acceptance, and coming together to celebrate the beauty of love, which has no labels.

Firsts season 3 stars young talented actors Shreya Gupto, and Himika Bose, playing the role of the protagonists, who are both in their early twenties –  Ritu Chatterjee and Lavanya Vijaya, respectively. Their first match on Tinder led to a whirlwind online romance, which saw them decide to move in together, after a mere month of knowing each other. Worlds collide when the carefree Lavanya, and the slightly uptight Ritu explore their many ‘firsts’ as a same gender couple. Being as different as chalk and cheese, their story is both entertaining, and relatable for couples across the board.

About Firsts (Season 3): Ritu and Lavanya met on a dating app during the lockdown, and moved in together after knowing each other for barely a month. Doesn’t sound like your typical love story? That’s because this one isn’t. Bringing to light the story of a young same-sex couple, the show explores their many firsts together, and is a tale of acceptance that truly proclaims love doesn’t judge’. These one-minute episodes will steal your heart away-and make you believe that anything is truly possible when you’re in love.

Where to watch it: Dice Media’s Instagram channel

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