Science and Star Wars launches on Facebook

20 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Lucasfilm and Disney’s new series titled Science and Star Wars has launched. The web show delves into real world technology and discoveries that are similar to the franchise. The series streams on the official Facebook page of Star Wars and will contain ten episodes in the first season. It is hosted byAnthony Carboni.

The first webisode focused on the pop culture phenomenon of light sabers. Taylor Gray, who voiced Ezra Bridger in the animated series, featured in this premiere episode. Topics for future webisode comprise of droids, blasters, hover vehicles, bacta regeneration, carbon freezing, artificial limbs, space travel, artificial intelligence and Boba Fett.

Prior to this, Lucasfilm also came out with The Star Wars Show, which was nominated for an Emmy.  These endeavours present Lucasfilm’s and Disney’s keenness to help form online audiences’ opinion about the franchise.