Sci-Fi films that would make great web series

10 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Star Trek: Discovery became the first sci-fi franchise to take the big jump into the streaming world. The episodes already made the Top Pirated titles list, showing that there was a market for streaming sci-fi franchises. We look at 5 sci-fi series that should make the jump into the world of web series.

#1 Terminator

The Terminator series is one of the most famous sci-fi franchises in the world. It lost its steam after Terminator 2. The makers have tried to resuscitate the franchise with at least 3 more films. The franchise has once again garnered interest with news that Linda Hamilton returns to the franchise.  Though what The Terminator series would really need is a big budget, exhaustive web series. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been extremely loyal to the series and it would be worth eye-balls if he decided to make his web series debut

#2 Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones has battled Nazis and almost every other villain, but he’s seems to have lost the war at the box-office. The last few films haven’t shaken up the box office. Even Harrison Ford returning to the franchise didn’t work that much for the film. The only way for Indiana Jones to get out of the morass is to create a high-powered web series that will reintroduce the character to a whole new generation. It will be interesting to see what new makers will be able to do with this old-meets-new story.

#3 Back to the Future

One of the most loved franchise that hasn’t lost its steam yet. Back to the Future coming to the web won’t be a dire straits situation. It will be a situation where fans will welcome the franchise to a new home. One of the few sci-fi films that handled time-travel like the way it should be, this one will spike traffic.

#4 Matrix

The first film was great, the second and third, people thought was too much. But there’s still a fanbase that thinks the films could be salvaged if they could tell more in less. Well, web series are based on the principle of more being told in less. So, Matrix would be a good addition to the inventory of any of the top streaming websites.

#5 Predator

Another superhit franchise that has had a couple of sequels and reboots down the years. This franchise ticks all the right buttons. It will be one of the few series that will be the platform to portray hand to hand combat on the streaming screens.

Just a few years ago, sci-fi film-makers wouldn’t even think of going the web series way because they wondered whether they could bring their concept on screen – due to production budgets. But all that has changed with some of the biggest production companies putting their money in the concept of streaming sci-fi. This will herald a whole new opportunity for new and upcoming sci-fi film makers. And with such sci-fi concepts available, we can only marvel thinking what new film-makers will do with sci-fi.