AscharyaShockIT scenes from Netflix Original Ascharyachakit

04 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Netflix Original Ascharyachakit is a film that reveals the dark side of the human mind. It shows how power and money can affect a person’s desires, sometimes even destroying them in the process. Here, we are listing few scenes that did not just shock, but made us wonder about how far online content has come in our country today – from short videos that were made with the sole purpose of making us laugh to web series and movies now, that don’t just entertain, but even shock and awe in equal measure.

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  • Kanta, a prostitute, goes to a celebrity Karan Kumar’s house, not really knowing who she is about to meet. When she lays eyes on him, she is excited, but surprised when he tells her that the one she has sleep with, is his partner Latika, who just stepped out of the pool topless.


  • Karan makes his driver record the threesome with Latika and Kanta and paid him to keep his mouth shut.

  • The threesome shows the girls locking lips and feeling each other up, with Karan relishing every bit of it. The only visual left to see is the act of them actually engaged in sex.

  • The celebrity’s driver Raju and Kanta get attracted to each other. Kanta is talking to him on the phone when Khushiya (the pimp) enters. He smashes her head, with Raju hearing him get livid.

  • Karan Kumar is dropping Latika to her house in his car and we see her going down on him, the driver staring at them in the rear view mirror.

  • Khushiya forces himself on Kanta. When he asks her whether she is liking it or not because she is not making any sounds, she tells him to go in the right way. When he does, she starts faking pleasure.

  • We see Latika approaching Karan for a break in films, as a fresher, and moments later, we see Raju recording him sleeping with her. The scenes do not leave much to imagination.

  • Towards the end of the film, we see Karan getting off on a film of him and Latika, and his wife walking in on him doing it. Looking pretty unaffected, she asks him to come up, after he ‘comes’.

This is one movie you cannot watch on your television, and definitely not without your headphones on, because what you cannot see, you hear in all its glory.