Weekend Binge: Films of the Week

28 . Jul . 2018
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This week sees a big Bollywood blockbuster make its debut on Netflix and seems Netflix is willing to take the battle to Amazon with not just the Netflix Original offering but by adding recent films too. Netflix surprised everyone by streaming Baahubali and Baahubali Part 2 within months of release, even when the Baahubali animated series got a home at Amazon Prime. That was the only big Bollywood release on the Netflix platform for a while, but this week’s line up makes it seem that Netflix is betting big on the Bollywood releases as well.

#1 Parmanu:

John Abraham’s much talked about Parmanu made its Netflix debut. The film is one of the many that talk about some important moments in India’s history – this being about the nuclear tests that India carried out at Pokhran in the nineties. The film garnered controversy even before its release because of some financial issues and didn’t have a very good run at the box office because it released during a busy time – however, John Abraham fans can now watch the film within the comforts of their house.

#2 The Feels:

Female sexual life and behaviour has been part of the narrative since a while. We have the vagina monologues and several other films and series, and an addition to that is The Feels, an emotional, romantic story about a lesbian couple.You read that right, breaking the barrier of sexual prejudices, comes this film about a lesbian couple whose life takes a turn for the worse when one of them reveals that she has never had an orgasm.

#3 The Great Father

Mammooty comes to the streaming world with The Great Father, a gritty mystery thriller that has a police officer and a father decide to do their duty – no matter what. This is one of the newer Mamooty films to hit the streaming platforms, though one of the many mystery and thriller regional films that are being lapped up by the channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix is a good platform for those looking to explore regional cinema – and The Great Father is further proof of that.

#4 Shot Caller

Shot Caller is an American crime film that tells a heart-breaking but interesting story. It’s different because it tells us about a well to do businessman who’s sucked into the prison system and becomes a hardened criminal. The film is an interesting take on crime, life and how some choices makes people take up crime, even if they don’t want to.

That’s our list for this week, happy binging!

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