Salil Kulkarni plans a web series for music lovers

10 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

More and more reality shows are making their way to the streaming platforms. One of them is Salil Kulkarni’s Abhijaat – a web series that ventures to be a platform for budding artists. The singers will sing the songs penned by the singer and composer himself. Salil Kulkarni had an interesting idea. He will use the social media networks to interact with people for his web series.

Those interested in singing his composition will have to post a video and the selection process will then begin. The web series will consist of 12 songs, six will be sung by established singers and the remaining ones will be sung by budding artists.

Salil Kulkarni is one of the most well-known music composers in the Marathi industry. He has composed music for several films like the Marathi films Bioscope, Housefull, Anandi Anand, Haay Kaay, Naay Kay, etc.

More and more people are coming up with web series that are reality shows. It remains to be seen how the audiences will respond to the reality web series, as that is exactly what weaned away audiences from mainstream. Of course, the aspect is a bit different, because on the streaming platforms, the audiences aren’t bound to view the show at a set time.