Saif Ali Khan talks about Netflix Original Sacred Games 2

15 . Oct . 2018
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  •  Saif Ali Khan talks about Sacred Games 2

With the #MeToo movement hitting the comedy and the streaming platforms, there are changes all over. Vikas Bahl, part of Phantom Film has stepped down from several films. With Vikas out of the picture and Phantom Films dissolved, the future of Sacred Games Season 2 was in limbo. Earlier, several stars associated with Sacred Games have said that the series will have a second season. Netflix also released a teaser of the second season.

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Now, Saif Ali Khan, who plays the protagonist in the series, recently opened about the future of the series – and this is what he said.

“We have been talking constantly. They don’t like me talking about the show anyways. I like working with them, they are brilliant. They want to keep it a secret. But I want to give you a clue. There was a terrible scandal concerning Kevin Spacey and he had a show ‘House of Cards’, the show is going on but Spacey is not there. Let that be a clue,” Saif told PTI.

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Our sources confirm that Phantom Films had begun work on Sacred Games 2, with a locker in the Phantom office dedicated to the second season. Of course, with the accusations, everything has gone haywire and future of India’s most popular series seems in limbo.