Sabyasachi Satpathy of Bigg Boss fame to play gay character in short film

04 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sabyasachi Satpathy, who was seen in Bigg Boss, is all set to be part of a short film. He will be playing a gay character in Drawing The line drama which has a duration of 10 minutes.

Speaking about the enterprise, Sabyasachi said that it is a story of two guys. One of them gets married to a woman owing to societal and family pressure. Sabya plays the character of Sameer. In his Instagram post, he revealed more about this endeavour.

“A simple love story  of two guys. Where one gets married to a women and goes ahead with life cause of family and social pressures. And the other one stays single. 7 yrs later they meet by chance at a bar and the later one wanted to get back in relationship. While getting emotional and trying to get physical .. sameer the character played by sabyasachi stops his on screen ex bf Akash and draws a line. Not to go ahead with the same mistakes of falling in love with someone who cud nt be strong to be in relationship n commitment. We all generally get back to our ex’s if they come back cause somewhere there is love left in our heart. “Drawing the line” is to draw a line between past and present,” reads his Insta post.