Russo Brothers to make a web series for Amazon Prime

31 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amazon Prime and Netflix have been at the forefront of creating some incredible films for Disney and Marvel. Now, it’s being revealed that the brothers will be making a web series for Amazon Prime. Next to nothing is known about the series, but everyone who has heard about it is excited beyond compare.

This is just another step by Amazon Prime to counter Netflix and become strong in the big content market. Prime is currently known to be an aggregator of content – great content – but it has now walked into the acquisition market. It recently bought the rights for a Lord of the Rings franchise for $250 million – an unheard-of amount until now.

What’s interesting is what the Russo Brothers will be interested in working on, an adaptation of a literary work or something that’s totally new. With this, Russo Brothers become the next big names to go to the world of streaming. Earlier, Shonda Rhimes made her deal with Netflix, and announced eight web series under that banner.