Rubaru Roshni Review : Aamir Khan Productions Teaches Us How To Do Reality TV

21 . Aug . 2019
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Netflix just dropped Rubaru Roshni, an Original with a refreshing concept and an even better treatment. Here’s our complete review of the documentary, Rubaru Roshni.

Rubaru Roshni tells three stories – stories that have crime, retribution and redemption as the central ideas. The series talks about three murders and has point of view interviews with the survivors and the perpetrators of the crime.

The first story is of the death of the Congress leader Lalit Maken and his wife. The two were gunned down by people who wanted to avenge the Sikh riots. Rubaru Roshni talks to Lalit’s family, including his daughter, nephew and others. On the other side, the documentary also talks to Harjinder Singh, who’s death sentence was finally commuted.

The second story tells us about the brazen, daylight death of the Sister Rani Maria, who’s family now considers her convicted murderer, Samandar Singh, one of their own. The third story is of Kia Scherr, who loses her daughter and her husband to the dreadful 26/11 terror attacks.

What’s wow : Quite simply, if someone ever needs to make reality television, Rubaru Roshni is the benchmark they should look for. Indian television has long been about over the top dialogues and hyper emotional sequences that seem more like click bait. In such a scenario, Rubaru Roshni with its stoic, to the point and most importantly neutral showing of the facts is cause celebre.

Another aspect that makes Rubaru Roshni of a different patch is the raw emotion that seeps through the characters and the storylines. The debutante director Svati Chakravarti Bhatkal has a knack for keeping the camera right where it matters and not going for the overkill.

An added bonus is the rarely seen video footage of Ajmal Kasab during his interrogation, where he laments about his poverty and accepts that his father effectively sold him into terrorism.

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What’s Blah : Nothing.

Parting Shot : Rubaru Roshni is a must watch documentary.

Cast & Crew
Cast: Harjinder Singh, Avantika Maken, Samander Singh, Kia Scherr
Director: Svati Chakravarti Bhatkal

Watch the trailer here