RPF to Create Awareness about Differently-abled People with 2-Minute Short Film

04 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The Railway Police Force of Central Railways has come up with a unique endeavor to combat the injustice that disabled passengers face while traveling in trains.

They have released a short film, ‘Haq Na Cheeno’, which discusses the fact that able-bodied passengers travel in the compartments reserved for the differently-abled individuals.

This is a crime under the Section 155 of the Railways Act. Though women in advanced stage of pregnancy are allowed to travel in these compartments, able-bodied passengers are not allowed in these compartments.

The film comes after an RTI revealed that 24,400 passengers were booked for this violation in the past two years. Several differently-abled passengers have earlier requested for strict action against the passengers who violate the rule.

The film will be shown at railway stations and will also be shown social media. ‘Haq Na Cheeno’ was shot at Ghatkopar station with 11 non-actors and one child actor who earlier worked in a few advertisements.