Roberto Escobar threatened Netflix for $1 billion to continue Narcos

20 . Sep . 2017
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We, at, are as shocked as you are right now.

This incident happened in July 2016, when Narcos was focussing on Pablo Escobar, the chief of Medellin Cartel in Columbia. Roberto, Pablo’s brother and was also the chief of the hitmen of the cartel, threatened Netflix with a letter demanding $1 billion, or else its little show (Narcos) will be shut. Whether Netflix did pay this extortion money or not, no one knows. But Roberto had also suggested that Netflix should hire professional hitmen to secure its crew in Columbia.

One can’t help but relate this threat to the recent murder of a Narcos’ location scout in Mexico, where the fourth season of the series is set. The Medellin Cartel was strong in Columbia and there’s no news of it being strong in Mexico as well. But, as we reported earlier, Roberto asked Netflix to give him increased security after this murder.

Wonder if season 4 of Narcos will take inspiration from these developments.