All Smoke No Fire, Riya Sen’s leaked scene from Ragini MMS Returns is nothing new

13 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

It’s begun. Leaking of scenes from mainstream was so 2016. In 2017, scenes from web series are being leaked. After entire episodes of Game of Thrones were leaked last month, the latest victim of an online leak is Ragini MMS Returns. Hot on the heels of news that Riya Sen had asked her intimate scenes in the series to be toned down, one of that scene has found its way on YouTube.

The YouTube channel, Viral Video has uploaded a video that looks suspiciously like an underproduction video that has Riya getting intimate with her male co-star. At first glance, the scene is nothing new – it has the same tight camera angles that just tilt themselves a little to hint at nudity. Of course, there could be more to this scene – or the actual intimate scene could be shot differently altogether. But with the teaser and posters being so hot, this leaked video is an underwhelmer.

You can see the video here: