WebSeries: White Gold

28 . Aug . 2017
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Series that talk of a time gone by are always interesting. Add crime to it and the series is bound to become more interesting. Now, the show needs creatively written characters, those weird ones with an edgy behavior – people who will remain in your mind long after the series is done and over with.But then, is this what’s enough to make a series successful? Or is there anything more? More importantly, is this a fool-proof, guaranteed way of making an entertaining series? Well, that’s the question that White Gold, the latest Netflix  series tries to answer.

The series introduces to a whole set of quirky characters who exist in the England of the 80s. Set just when plastic window fittings came into existence, the series has Ed Westwick as Vincent, a head salesman Cachet Windows. James Buckley, Joe Thomas add to the cast as fellow salesmen Brian Fitzpatrick and Martin Lavender. Nigel Lindsey signs up for Tony Walsh, the owner of Catchet Windows.

The quirky, quickfire storyline tells us about Vincent, who’s looking to go up in the world of sales and make a fortune.For this, he is ready to dance with the devil – basically, hit up a deal with a local crimelord.

What’s Wow:  White Gold is set in Essex, a small town, and the screenplay is patently small town. The incidents are small town, the characters are small town. All this results in – you guessed it – a small chuckle and a small laugh here and there.

What also works are the performances. Ed Westwick as Vincent Swan is good to watch.  James Buckley is brilliant as the conniving Brian Fitzpatrick. Joe Thomas, as a aspiring musician who’s a salesman just to make ends meet is pretty good too.

What’s Blah: When it comes to series, directors and screenwriters have the option to play small for the first few episodes, go big in the middle and then go full blast by the end of it. Unfortunately, White Gold doesn’t achieve that. It ends as it starts – quirky,  small chuckle worthy story of a go-getter in the 80s.

Parting Shot: White Gold is not bad. White Gold is also not very good. It is one of those series that will keep you raptured for a evening, but you forget it as soon as the end credits roll.


Vincent Swan, head salesman at Cachet Windows (Ed Westwick)

Brian Fitzpatrick, a junior salesman (James Buckley)

Martin Lavender, a junior salesman (Joe Thomas)

Tony Walsh, the owner of Cachet Windows (Nigel Lindsay)

Sam Swan, Vincent’s wife (Linzey Cocker)

Carol, the secretary at Cachet Windows (Lauren O’Rourke)

Created by: Damon Beesley

Written by: Chris Neil and Damon Beesley

The series is now available on Netflix.



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