Web Series: Girl in the City 2

28 . Mar . 2017
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Season 2, Episode 1

The youth channel Bindass is back with the second chapter of it’s first ever fictional web series, Girl in the City. Made in a fifteen-minute episode format, Girl in the city as the name suggests is about a girl Meera Sehgal from a small city, Dehradun, who has come to the city of Mumbai to follow her dreams. By the end of the first chapter she is in the crossroads between going back to her hometown as per her father’s wishes or taking up an out of turn promotion in Mumbai. Meera returns to Dehradun and the beginning of the 2nd Chapter ‘Home sweet home?’ is about what follows next.

Meera is struggling to keep herself entertained and involved by her business in Dehradun. Every day is mundane and exhausting as she has to break ground with the local tailor or dodge her childhood friend turned creep Nikhil her parents so desperately want her to meet for the prospects of a wedding

What’s wow? Meera is the girl next door whom every girl around the same age might connect with. Actor Mithila Palkar has got the body language of the born in the 90’s girl spot on who is trying to piece together her life sometimes organised and sometimes clumsy in the process. She isn’t one from the perennially feminine bunch who is everything prim and perfect from her lipstick to her life decisions.

What’s blah: The first episode of the comeback fails to deliver an entertaining script or convincing performances. The subject has been made over and over again and there is no newness to the fifteen minutes either in the storytelling or in the way it has been conceived or shot. With Indian shorts and web series scaling new heights each day, Girl in the City is clearly falling behind in both content and presentation.

Parting shot: The only relief is Meera played by Mithila who is also the protagonist of Girl in the city. She has been a common ‘FilterCopy’ face for a while now and is adorable in her minimalistic performances.

Cast: Mithila Palkar, Rajat Barmecha

Duration: 15:00


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