Reed Hastings says every country needs Jio

12 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Reliance Jio rough and tumbled the mobile market with their free and cheap data prices.  The Jio revolution also allowed streaming to become an in word in the Indian market. With the 1 GB free per day plan, Reliance Jio introduced a whole new part of India to streaming entertainment. And because nobody should forget Jio’s contribution to the phenomenal success of India’s digitization, more and more industry leaders are talking about Jio.

In fact, in a media interaction, Reed Hastings, the main man at Netflix said that every country has something like a Jio, that will give free and cheap data to the public – thereby allowing them to come to  terms with streaming  entertainment, which will in turn open a whole new rold of entertainment and interaction for them.

With Jio slashing prices of data, other mobile companies have followed suit and offered clone plans for their users. Even today, broadband prices are high in India and most people prefer mobile streaming to broadband streaming. Even though broadband streaming is of good quality, the price points are too high. There’s buzz that 5G could be coming to India pretty soon, and that’s where the concept of streaming entertainment might change soon.