RedFM now tackles the train issue in Mumbai with a song

10 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

RedFM got a talking point when the Mallishka song ‘Mumbai Tula BMC var Bharosa’ song hit the social media networks. And now, they have made another scathing take on the one concern that every Mumbaikar faces – overcrowded trains. The video is a quick, slice-of-life video that tells all the issues that the train commute faces – overcrowding, the danger of being robbed by pickpockets and falling prey to ticket checkers. It will be interesting to see how the public and the people in power react to this. Earlier, the BMC came down heavily on Mallishka and even the Shiv Sena targeted Malishka. This time, even though Malliksha is not part of the video, the message is loud and clear – a frustrated city is finally find its voice in the form of social media videos. Watch the video here:

Meri Lachki Qamar.. Main Hoon Ek Mumbaikar

Ek gaana Mumbai ki locals mein 'suffer' karne waalon ke naam…#MumbaiLocal #Parody #MereRashkeQamar #WR #CR #PhirBajao

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