Rebel Wilson- Priyanka Chopra’s Isn’t It Romantic finds its way to Netflix

01 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

There we have it – Netflix is becoming a platform for films in India that would otherwise have a middling release in the theatres. The film we are talking about is The Rebel Wilson Liam Hemsworth starrer Isn’t It Romantic. The film, that wrapped up shooting sometime in 2017 is releasing in the US, wide, on 13th February and will be available outside the United States, including India, on Netflix. While PC fans will be regaling everywhere, this development is more of a telling story on Brand Priyanka.

Brand Priyanka is strong – it became stronger with the Nickyanka adage, but her films haven’t been exactly game changers in recent times. Her last film, Baywatch, was panned all over – and both Indian as well as foreign audiences complained about how much of a screen time PeeCee had. Her performance choices have been criticised, with Quantico being wrapped up after a handful of seasons as well. With Isn’t It Romantic, which is being publicised by the foreign media as a Rebel Wilson film, Indian media is already going the ‘Priyanka Chopra Rom Com’.

Strange that such a big name isn’t releasing at a theatre near you.

Watch the trailer here: