Reasons why fans couldn’t wait for to stream Amazon Original Series Mirzapur Season 2

26 . Aug . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the second season of Amazon Original Series Mirzapur, the canvas gets bigger but the rules remain the same! Set in Mirzapur, the hinterland of North India, season 1 of the crime drama had taken the audiences into a dark, complex world of guns, drugs and lawlessness. It’s relentless pace, well etched-out characters and nuanced narrative had left the fans hungry for more. After the date announcement of the show, fans have been going gaga to watch what will happen next.

Here are the reasons why fans couldn’t wait to stream Mirzapur:

Kaleen Bhaiya’s cliffhanger

After losing his family, Guddu aka Ali Fazal is all set to take revenge against Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) and his son Munna (Divyenndu). Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger leaving audiences craving for more.

Where will Beena’s character incline towards after the traumatic incident in the finale?

Wife of Kaleen Bhaiya Beena (Rasika Dugal) went through a traumatic ending in the last season where she betrayed her partner by cheating with Bauji. To keep her secret Beena punishes a man to death. Fans can’t wait to see how her role will develop in the new season!

Munna Bhaiya is powerful but lonely because he had to kill his own friend, the compounder

In order to make his father realize that he is a good son, Munna Bhaiya killed his one and only best friend to be in competition with Guddu and Bablu and to prove them wrong. He is now the most powerful man but he is also lonely because he had to kill his own friend. How this is likely to change him, will definitely be interesting to watch.

A new character essayed by Amit Sial

Makers have announced the entry of a new character played by Amit Sial. It will be interesting to watch if the character is a protagonist or antagonist.

Rajesh Tailang and Sheeba Chadda are back as and on screen couple

Veteran actors Rajesh Tailang and Sheeba Chaddha made a different mark with their acting. Parents of Guddu and Bablu were against violence in the first season. However, by the end they lost their own son Bablu, daughter, daughter-in-law and grandson because of Munna. Since they have been through a traumatic ending, will they join hands with Guddu in taking revenge from Kaleen Bhaiya and his family?

Bauji has risen to power

Bauji has taken the whole charge over his long running business and will be seen supporting his own son and grandson toward the deeds of Mirzapur. Fans are excited to see how the journey unfolds in the upcoming season.