Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Guns & Thighs’ may Inspire a Razzies for the Digital platform

26 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Ram Gopal Varma is having a difficult time. His Sarkar 3 didn’t exactly rule the box office, his social interactions have earned the ire of several people. Now, on the eve of the trailer of his web series, ‘Guns & Thighs’,  he should be open to more brickbats.

It is quite difficult to believe that this person single-handedly changed how we looked at horror films and crime films with films like Raat, Shiva, Satya and Company.  This series deals with Gopal’s favourite topic, crime in Mumbai in the 90s, but the trailer stands out for all the wrong reasons.

This is the guy who famously made a whole movie using an entry level DSLR. But in an era when kids are shooting their short films in revolutionary cameras, it’s difficult to digest the handycam quality of the trailer.

The series has incredibly bad performances. RGV’s films are known to get great performances from rarely known faces. But here, though we haven’t seen many of RGV’s characters, a wooden table would have more emotions than all his actors together. Looks like RGV hasn’t roped in a single big name – apart from Rohini Hattangadi – for this project.

What also puts us off is the nudity and the cuss words. There’s this thought of film-makers that sex and cuss words are an everyday occurrence and it’s okay to portray them in films – but so is taking a crap – you don’t show that in a film, do you?

Go ahead, this might be just the thing you need to watch to decide that you have had a very bad week: