Rakhi Sawant whispers a secret wish in the new bull statue’s ears ; read on to find out what she asked for!

08 . Feb . 2021
Reading Time: 1 minute

Across India, its considered auspicious to whisper your hearts desires into a bull’s ear to watch them manifest into reality! In the latest clip of Bigg Boss Extra Masala clip on Voot, we witness Rakhi Sawant making a special request to the new bull in the Bigg Boss garden in her signature entertaining style.

While lounging around with other housemates, Rakhi whispers a hilarious wish into the bull’s ears saying, “ Joh bhi yahan pe mere dhushman hai, unhe bhaga do. Aur mujhe butter dila do. Aur mere dushman ko bhaga do, jaldi se! Meri baat suntan hai? Mein iss hafte bachungi ki nahi? Bachungi ki nahi, bata. Mujhe baccha de.”

She also manages to rope in Devoleena to make a wish, who sweetly says, “Rakhi ki sari wishes puri ho jae.”