Rajeev Siddhartha Injures Himself on the Sets of ALTBalaji’s BEKAABOO

22 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

The dashing and debonair Rajeev Siddhartha has been receiving accolades and love aplenty from his fans for his portrayal as Kiyan Roy in ALTBalaji’s latest stalker thriller web-series Bekaaboo. As effortless as the spunky actor seems on-screen, all was not well on the sets while shooting. For an intense scene that demanded him to use a knife on his co-star, Rajeev accidentally slit his thumb and ended up losing a lot of blood in the process. Regardless of the occurrence and being asked to take the day off for recovery, he diligently finished shooting for 8 hours at a stretch after getting himself stitched and bandaged.

Speaking on the traumatic incident, Rajeev shared, It was a vigorous day at the shoot and the scene required my character to put the knife on my co-star’s neck. In an attempt to prevent her from getting injured, I cut my thumb and the entire set was shook looking at the amount of blood I lost that day. Considering we get limited days for shooting web-shows, I couldn’t fathom the thought of wasting an entire day. A small injury shouldn’t delay any production, so I got myself patched at a nearby hospital and continued the day. As they say, the show must go on!

Rajeev’s dedication towards his work is as impressive as his performance in the raunchy new series. Bekaaboo has grabbed the netizen’s attention with its gripping content and has already left the audiences hungry for more.

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