Ragini Khanna is all set to shock audiences with her dark avatar in ZEE5’s Posham Pa

20 . Aug . 2019
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After winning plaudits for her role in filmmaker Shanker Raman’s critically acclaimed thriller Gurgaon, actor Ragini Khanna is set to surprise audiences yet again with her new film Posham Pa.

The film which is directed by noted filmmaker Suman Mukhopadhyay is a psychological thriller inspired by true events and casts Khanna as a sociopath – a role she has never played before

Written by Nimisha Misra and based on the research done by veteran journalist Praful Shah, Posham Pa also stars Mahie GillSayani Gupta, Shivani Raghuvanshi and Imaad Shah in pivotal roles.

The film which releases on August 21st on ZEE5 is a dark tale of a mother who pushes her daughters into pursuing a life of crime.

Despite its thematic similarities with Gurgaon, Posham Pa casts Khanna in a role that is in complete contrast to her character in Gurgaon.

Preet (my character in Gurgaon) stood for supporting causes that lead towards creating a better world. But in this film, I play a character who is a victim of her circumstances. She is fearless and doesn’t believe in following the rules of the world. She believes that might is right and according to her, whatever she does is right and justified, society and morals be damned!” says the actor.  

Incidentally, this is the first time Khanna is playing a role that is so dark and a far cry from the roles she has played earlier. Besides venturing into new territories, the role also required the actor to transform herself into a completely new person on screen.

Elaborating on the same, the actor says, “The transformation was not limited only to the physical one. As an actor, the role required me to push myself to the extreme and break the various mental barriers I had. In order to prepare for the role, I had to completely deconstruct myself and question my values, thought process, ethics and everything I believed in. It was a very scary and difficult process.

Given the complex nature of the role, the actor was also faced with the challenge of portraying the character with utmost authenticity.

The struggle is always to make your character and its emotions look real. As an artiste, you have operate with honesty and integrity. If you are fake, it will reflect on screen.

Khanna states that her knowledge and reading of books on criminal psychology combined with her understanding and love for films with dark characters such as Pulp Fiction helped her to further prep for the role.

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Posham Pa also marks the actor’s first-ever collaboration with filmmaker Suman Mukhopadhyay whose debut film Herbert (2005) had won him a National Award for Best Bengali Film.

He’s a brilliant craftsman. He has done theatre and films that have redefined various conventions.  He is an actor’s director and understood me so well which made the whole experience of shooting this film such an easy and memorable affair.” Says Khanna smilingly while sharing her experience of working with Mukhopadhayay.

Posham Pa is produced by Ten Years Younger Productions LLP, Dhirajj Walks of Art Pvt Ltd, New Born Films LLP and Vishant Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd and releases on August 21 exclusively on ZEE5.