RadioCity launches ‘’, too late

16 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

RadioCity, one of the popular radio stations in India is finally spreading its wings towards digital. The radio chanel has launched the website, where users will now be able to access RadioCity terrestrial shows along with exclusive digital content. So, the popular series like Radio City’s originals, Love Guru, Babbar Sher, etc., will be available on the internet.

The launch of this website is interesting because the competitors already provide their content via their websites. Not just that, some radio stations also offer podcasts. With this launch, RadioCity isn’t doing anything new – but instead toeing the line of the concept that digital entertainment is the next big thing.

However, this spells good news for users who have a bandwidth to spare and wish to tune in to their favourite radio shows. Congested cities like Mumbai are notoriously not the best place to tune in to a radio station, the audio quality is and there’s always this risk of losing radio connectivity.