Raahil is very similar to me in real life: Gaurav Chopra

13 . Mar . 2019
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Gaurav Chopra is back as Raahil Khan in the new web series, Love, Lust and Confusion. The talented actor, who had done everything from Hollywood films to theatre talks about his experience playing the ‘sandwiched lover’.

How did you become part of the web series?

The series is produced by My Mango People. That’s headed by Neha. She has worked with me in the past. We have collaborated successfully. It’s not just a great friendship but also a good professional rapport. The cherry on the cake is that we have been successful every time we have collaborated professionally.

In our industry, we have friends, but if past collaborations are successful, it is always better. So, she had contacted me last year for the first season. I didn’t ask her about the role, because she said that she thought that I was perfect for the role – and it was.

Why did you say yes to the series?

I should mention Victor here. He is the brain behind the series. When he and I discussed the series man-to-man, we discussed so many things – like when a man’s ex, as well as his current girlfriend, meet, etc. We thought that these are instances for which all men should be prepared.

How was it portraying the Raahil’s character?

It gets very easy for an actor to step up into something that has been constructed with emotion. The role was very different from what I usually do. I get those intense and angry roles all the time. I have played a lot of romantic bits here and there. But Raahil is a very different person. He is so calm and collected, as soon as he gets aggravated, he tells himself to calm down. That is difficult to portray.

How similar are you to Raahil’s character in real life?

I am very close to the character in real life. Some of the lines that I have said in the series are mine. I have met some people in my life who are like Pouroma. The problem with these kinds of people is that you might find them endearing, but it is difficult to be with them because of their impulsiveness. The only way to deal with that is to be the matured one in the circumstances. I would tell these individuals to think for one second before they actually take a step.

What’s the most memorable sequence for you, from the series?

There will be a proposal scene that will come in the end. It’s beautifully written – poetry that’s written by Victor himself. He has encapsulated everything that Raahil hasn’t said.

How was the shooting experience?

We have upped the game this time. We have shot in multiple locations. We have shot in Goa, Calcutta, Mumbai. The show has a beautiful visual language to it as well. The whole thing was wrapped in around a month.

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What character interests you the most in this series?

Raahil interests me the most, because now the character is evolving. In the last season, he was Mr. Perfect. There was one episode. Now, in this season, he is the central character in the series, so audiences will see all facets of the character.

How different is it, shooting for a film and a series?

An actor shouldn’t demarcate among those.  But when it comes to making such concepts, there is a difference. The budgets are different, you are time bound and there are so many other things.

Do you think cinema and streaming will exist alongside?

A lot of the entertainment pie will be eaten up by the digital space. But then, there were VCRs, there were DVDs and all that. People thought cinema would end, but it didn’t. that’s because cinemas have a different experience.

What’s next for you?

I am doing a web series with Applause Entertainment. It’s completely different from my character in Love, Lust and Confusion.  The series has me in a very different avatar, it has shades of Grey, if you know what I mean. It is dark and edgy, and it’s shot like how you would shoot a Western series.