Punisher, Jessica Jones cancelled by Netflix

19 . Feb . 2019
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  • Netflix cancels Jessica Jones, The Punisher

What was supposed to happen has finally happened. The Netflix MCU marriage has been annulled, with The Punisher and Jessica Jones series both being cancelled.  Reports say that while the further seasons have been cancelled, Jessica Jones Season 3, which has been filmed, will be streaming sometime this year, but there’s no new concepts coming along the way.

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Fans will miss the way Daredevil, The Punisher and Jessica Jones were handled by Netflix, but its difficult to say if they will be as teary about Luke Cage and Iron Fist going away. Of course, the Defenders going away isn’t going to create any sadness among comic book fans.

There are several reasons for the Netflix series that have been bounced off. The Defenders never took off and Iron Man and Luke Cage series didn’t connect with the audiences.  The other reason is that Marvel, who is now the father company of Marvel, will soon launch a streaming platform of their own, Disney Plus. Disney Plus will be launching MCU TV shows of their own.