Preity Zinta is wrong, ‘Inside Edge’ has not denigrated a woman owner of a T20 Team

13 . Jul . 2017
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Clearly, Preity Zinta hasn’t seen ‘Inside Edge’ as yet. Maybe that’s the reason she has lashed out against ‘Inside Edge’. During a recent event, speaking about the character of a female T20 team owner in the series, Preity minced no words.

Preity said that she was pained to go through all this. She called out the show and said that people make shows based on cricket and they would denigrate a woman. She also said that Indian TV always shows a successful woman in a bad light.

In a startling example of fiction inspiring fact, what Preity has said seems to be very much like a public breakdown. You’d need to watch the series to get what we are talking about.

There are many negatives to Inside Edge. It is a heady mixture of drugs, sex and cuss words that somehow sidelines the game. It also has Vivek Oberoi in an unbearable performance, but the show is not misogynistic. Yes, there are male characters who treat women as one would treat disposable paper cups. But Zarina Malik is no greenhorn.

In fact, Zarina plays a very important role in the script. Because we cannot give you spoilers, all we’d like to say is that Zarina Malik is an infinitely stronger character than any that Preity has actually played in real life in her films.

Amazon’s ‘Inside Edge’ has opened to mixed reviews. While reviewers have praised the production values, they is a rising echo about whether the cricketing world needed such a series.

Be that as it may, Preity is inherently wrong about Zarina Malik being a weak character.

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