The Prathibha Sastry Show – A Unique Indian Web Series About Functional Topics Which Lead to a Better Life

07 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

A web talk show is bringing together entrepreneurial, adventurous and innovative men and women in a quest to enable women to dwell deeper on the events that shape their life. Titled The Prathibha Sastry Show, it is an attempt to bring them into focus and enhance not just their life, but also that of those who will watch them share their stories.

The host Prathibha Sastry is an entrepreneur, for 18 years. A far cry from the regular lounge-based chat shows, this series – with each webisode being 12-minute long – one gets the idea that the theme of this show revolves around Education, Career, Spirituality, Environmental concerns, Recreational activities, Relationships, Wealth and Health. The Prathibha Sastry Show is available to viewers all over the world on YouTube as well as Facebook.

Watch the show here: