Prajakta Kohli has something to say in No Offence

13 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The Internet is a place that can be as dangerous as it can be informative and innovative. Often, innocents are targeted by trolls – a new word for bullies. Prajakta Kohli comes out with a video that brings out the worst of the Internet – misinformed, uninformed people who hide behind their usernames and create a nuisance for everyone – shutting down conversations.

The music video pits the female protagonist against different kinds of trolls, even the weird kind of women who make it to the internet. The song has good lyrics, but the composition is a bit too sharp to register with the casual listener.

There has been a spate of music videos from the Indian content creators and this is the latest. It’s got a good, positive vibe to it and is bound to become the talking point of the Internet for at least a little while. The song will be featured in a ceremony that will mark International Day of Tolerance in New York.

The music video is a concept by Sudeep Lahiri and Karthik Parande. It’s directed by Sudeep Lahiri. Music is produced by Bluish Music and the No Offence Hook is by Girish Nakod.

Watch the video here: