Posto to premiere on HoiChoi before Satellite Channels

25 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The streaming world is getting its just recognition with film-makers deciding to go the streaming way before they launch a film on satellite. Earlier, the convenient way for film-makers to make money off their films would be a theatre run and then a satellite run. Post that, they would go to the streaming platforms – but that’s changing with several film-makers doing streaming first. Posto becomes the first Bengali film to premiere on a streaming platform before a satellite – it will stream exclusively on HoiChoi.

Posto received critical as well as commercial acclaim and is a family drama a couple drag their son to court because they will no longer be able to spend time with their grandchild, because their son has got a job overseas.

Bollywood has started the trend already, with Amazon Prime releasing current films right after the theatre run. So, films like Simran, Bhoomi, Newton and others are now streaming on Amazon.