Pornocracy promises to reveal much more than ever about pornography

25 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Pornography has been around since a long, long time and there are several aspects of entertainment attributed to the success of pornography. For example, it’s a documented fact that the video cassette and then the DVD became famous only because they were used to peddle pornography. While some consider it to be a work of art, others say that pornography is a front for money laundering, terrorism and what now. Unfortunately, there has no concise and clear documentary into this – until now.

Pornocracy tries to do just that – unravel the world of porn and create a timeline of how pornography moved from badly made films to a whole digital industry that has its own awards ceremony. No word on where the documentary will be released or when, but this is something that every film student needs to watch.

Watch the trailer below: