Pocket Aces becomes first Indian company to make Chinese inroads

20 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Pocket Aces has always wowed us with their content – whether it’s Dice Media or Filter Copy. Now, Pocket Asia has signed up for a unique partnership with WebTV Asia and made inroads into the Chinese media market. The content will be available on Youku Tudou, the Chinese website that’s part of the Alibab behemoth.

In a statement, Aditi Shrivastava, the co-founder of Pocket Aces said that they were excited to partner with WebTV Asia. She also said that she was sure about their content hitting the right chords among the Chinese population. Currently, the platforms like Youku Tudou has 500 million active users on a monthly basis.

The roadmap for the collaboration is in place too. Youku Tudou will have special channels for FilterCopy and Gobble. The content will be subtitled in English as well as Mandarin, breaking the language barrier.

This is a masterstroke for Pocket Aces, as the Chinese online entertaiment market is expanding rapidly. Some of the platforms available right now are iQiyi, Youku Tudou  and Tencent.