PM Selfiewallie was totally worth it: Nityaami Shirke

24 . Apr . 2018
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Nityaami Shirke is the latest TV name to make it big on the web series front with the ALTBalaji web series Selfie PM Waali. TheDigitalHash recently caught up with Nityami and found out about her experiences playing India’s youngest PM in the series and her experience working in the streaming industry in general.

1.How did PM Selfiewallie happen?

Ashima offered me the script and I did a couple of auditions for the series. Initially, they weren’t very sure about me because I didn’t look exactly like the reference actress that they were looking for. But after a few auditions, I bagged the role.

2. What made you say yes to the series?

I think more than the concept, it was the character that interested me. She’s so simple and innocent. Somebody like her coming in the middle of a political issue, someone who is so chilled out and so unaware. She solves problems in the simplest manners. I connected more with the character than the story.

3. More and more celebrities are now opening up about causes. What’s your take on it?

Why shouldn’t they? It should no longer be asked whether a celebrity should or shouldn’t. I think that actors have a great responsibility towards creating awareness because they have such a big following. I don’t think it is a phase too. I think actors are finally opening up. If you are up there, you should be there too.

4. And do you think PM Selfiewallie is a step in that direction?

See, we are not saying what’s right or wrong in this series. There are different opinions and different ideas. A lot of Indian politicians have a different idea about various subjects. We aren’t showing what’s wrong or right. We are just showing the various issues and asking whether some political issues can be solved with the simplest of solutions.

5. Was your character based on any real-life character?

So, my character is not based on anyone. I had decided earlier to enter the series as a blank slate. There are other characters based on political characters, so the audience might see some similarities between real life politicians and the characters in the series, but my character, per se, wasn’t based on any one.

6. Right now, the series is a fun one. Do you think that’ll change as the story goes ahead?

There’s no simple graph for the script. It’s up and down. I can’t say for sure whether there will be some serious aspects in the script, but the story handles some big issues.

7. How open would you be to work in some of the short videos, like the ones done by AIB or TVF?

I don’t have much experience doing short videos but am open to it.  Right now, what I have done with this show, it has been amazing.

8. How long did it take to shoot for the series?

It took time, a lot of time, but as they say, all good things take time, and this was one totally worth it.

PM Selfiewallie is now streaming the ALTBalaji platform. We wish Nityami the best of luck for her series.

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