People don’t want to watch censored TV series any longer: Swastika Mukherjee

16 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Swastika Mukherjee is on a roll. She absolutely slayed with a memorable performance in Detective Bymokesh Bakshy. She now will play one of her few fun and light roles in Dupor Thakurpo. In her own words, she plays the ‘Boudi’ – the sexy married woman in this series. We caught up with Swastika to know her thoughts on films and the current streaming situation in India. Read on.

How did Dupor Thakurpo happen?

Dupor Thakurpo was offered to me as a part of HoiChoi. I have been shuttling between Bombay and Bengal for a while and I saw that a lot of work was happening on the digital platforms. I was feeling bad for my city because nobody was taking the plunge and doing something in Bengali language. When I heard about HoiChoi, I was very excited. Someone was coming up with an app that would have original content in Bengali. So, that was what excited me.

What made you say yes to Dupor Thakurpo?

Also, as an actor, I try not to repeat myself and explore never characters. This character is something that I haven’t done earlier. It’s a sex comedy and has a lot of dance. This was one thing where I could have a lot of fun and do sleazy numbers and enjoy myself. It was an opportunity to understand whether I can pull this off as well. That’s why I gave the nod to this series.  I was also very happy with the theme and the way it was shaping up.

Tell us about your character in the series.

I am playing the character of a Boudi – the hot married woman. I get married to a man who lives in North Kolkata and is at least 20 years elder to me. There are six guys who stay as paying guests in the same house. They are shocked at the idea of me being married to an elderly man. They want to spend time with her and sleep with her. One is an investigator, one is an aspiring cricketer. This woman teases them and that’s what forms the crux of the story. Someone sings songs for her, someone wants to carry her upstairs so that she doesn’t go through the trouble herself.  There’s also a thriller aspect that comes sometime in the end.

How different is it to shoot for a web series and a film?

There is no difference. We haven’t shot it as a serial or some television film. We have shot it like the way we shoot a film. We have taken care as a director would take care of a film. There’s a lot of post-production work going on too, like colour correction, DI, etc. Then, as an actor, you don’t act differently if it’s a film or a web series.

What do you think about web series?

This is a new wave, and everyone wants to ride it. It is the next big thing. Actors want to explore it and be a part of something’s new and big. Audiences are watching everything on the laptop or on the phone. People are buying phones considering they will be watching films on the screens. Everyone is talking about web series and episodes. People don’t want to watch episodes on TV, because all of it is censored. They want to watch it on the net – because it is presented in its original, uncensored form.

Do you think with big money coming into this platform, the independence of film makers be throttled?

I don’t think so. People who are coming in are making projects that aren’t the usual horror. they are doing the usual ones, but they are also doing the unusual ones. They have taken a huge risk with Dupor Thakurpo. There are chances that they might get slammed because of the moral policing and with the judgemental people that are around.

Where do you see the regional film industry coming in the web industry revolution?

I think that it is a very good time for people from regional industries to try and put their best foot forward. Web series have sub titles. After a while, the language doesn’t matter – it is all about how a concept is covered.  It’s a great time for regional industries to go ahead and grab the opportunity.

Do you think film-makers can still get eye-balls with just sleazy content in web series?

That time is over. You can no longer have people just watch something because they have kissing scenes and making out scenes. That kind of cinema doesn’t make any sense right now. If the audience doesn’t want to watch something, they will not watch even if you have naked women running around.