Short Film: Peanut Butter

31 . Mar . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute


Feminism hold its banner high and loud with this charming little film that can make a lot of single, unmarried women think of window-shopping for a pram, instead of that fabled ‘eligible’ man. Peanut Butter, released on International Women’s Day, aims a sharp kick at fossilised cultural norms that shackle women with guilt for simply wanting to follow their instincts. At the crux of the story, is Gauhar Khan’s successful, 30-something Priya Mathur chewing her nails and heart out over the consequences of a passionate romp. Her anxiety and turmoil is prompted by an unexpected visitor at her door—a man from her future. What is prised open in the ensuing twist is her unresolved feelings about abortion, single parenting, maternal mush, men and, yeah, guilt over some reckless sex.

What’s wow? Gauhar Khan’s luminous turn as an emotionally torn, vulnerable, poised, sharp, witty, assertive (yes, all of that) Priya Mathur is delightful at several levels. The actor has resolutely shrugged off her once-flaky image as a willowy item girl to reveal a surprisingly restrained and confident actor within. Kudos to scriptwriter and director Manu Chobe for showcasing the unpredictable climate that can take hold of a woman’s heart in a matter of minutes!

What’s blah? Though Dhiraj Totlani bears a crackling screen presence pitted against Khan, he does try too hard to up the cool and swag in some scenes.

Parting shot: Watch it for its refreshing approach to those tired old questions on abortion, single parenting and unprotected sex.

Cast: Gauhar Khan, Dhiraj Totlani
Director: Manu Chobe
Presented by: Playground Digital Cinema
Produced by: Sunill Thadani, Mohan Shetty and Ratnesh Kumar.

Duration : 19:36

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