Payal Kapadia’s ‘Afternoon Clouds’ makes it to Cannes

13 . Apr . 2017
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The 2017 list of short films that are short-listed for Cannes is out. Out of 4,500 odd films, 9 films have been short-listed for the Cannes Short Films Palme D’Or.  Indian filmmaker Payal Kapadia’s ‘Afternoon Clouds’ has been short-listed in the Cinefondation Selection. Payal is a FTII, Pune student.  Kapadia’s film is among the 14 features and two animation films picked up from 2600 works submitted in the category that is open to student films. In the short films category, entries from Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Greece, Iran China, Colombia and Sweden have been short-listed. Here is the complete list of the films selected under the Short Films Palme D’Or category:

Ceiling” (Finland)

Director: Teppo Airaksinen

Grandpa Walrus” (France)

Director: Lucrèce Andreae

A Drowning Man” (U.K, Denmark, Greece)

Director: Mahdi Fleifel

Lunch Time” (Iran)

Director: Alireza Ghasemi

Across My Land” (U.S.)

Director: Fiona Godivier

Time to Go” (Poland)

Director: Grzegorz Molda

A Gentle Night” (China)

Director: Qiu Yang

Damiana” (Colombia)

Director: Andrés Ramírez Pulido

The Cinéfondation Selection is:


Director: Yuval Aharoni


Directors: Bahman Ark and Bahram Ark

Atlantis, 2003

Director: Michal Blaško


Director: Stijn Bouma

Empty on the Outside

Director: Eduardo Brandão Pinto


Director: Aya Igashi

Afternoon Clouds

Director: Payal Kapadia

À Perdre Haleine

Director: Léa Krawczyk

Give Up the Ghost

Director: Marian Mathias

Paul Est La

Director: Valentina Maurel


Director: Imge Özbilge

Little Manifesto Against Solemn Cinema

Director: Roberto Porta

Wild Horses

Director: Rory Stewart


Director: Áron Szentpéteri

Deux Égarés Sont Morts

Director: Tommaso Usberti

Towards the Sun

Wang Yi-Ling