Pati-Patni, Parents Aur Woh! Your favorite family is back with three times the fun, madness and love in What The Folks, Season 3

30 . Sep . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Pocket Aces’ long form storytelling channel, Dice Media is back with season 3 of their popular, slice-of-life web-series ‘What The Folks. It’s one of the few web-shows to return with a third season!  This 5-episode series releases on 5th October and will air every Saturday on Dice Media’s Facebook and YouTube channels. 

The series is a modern take on how families grow together despite their differences. The first two seasons received immense love from the audience and have garnered more than 60 million views. 

While most shows focus on a woman’s dynamics in her in-laws home, Season 1 flipped the role with a man instead. In funny yet relatable situations, Nikhil (Veer Rajwant Singh) finds himself in at his wife – Anita’s (Eisha Chopra) home! 

The second season was a natural progression of the family relationships that touched upon more serious topics such as divorce, illness, lack of communication etc and was largely centered around Nikhil’s family- The Solankis’.

This light and humorous series has warmed the hearts of the audience and is a breath of fresh air from the otherwise prevalent family dramas on television.

A year since then, Season 3 will see the return of the most loved characters Vandana (Renuka Shahane), Kiran (Shishir Sharma), Sudha (Deepika Amin),and  Shreya (Kriti Vij) as they each adapt to a new life phase, rediscovering themselves and each other.

Season 3 addresses issues relating to ageing parents, varying expectations in a marriage, empty nest syndrome, and life after divorce amongst many others. Each episode will leave the audience with a smile on their faces, as it couples humour with situations so close to home! 

This season also sees a collaboration with two popular brands – The Association of Mutual Funds in India(AMFI) as the Title Partner & Godrej Interio as the Powered By Partner . 

Sharing their thoughts behind the series, Ashwin Suresh and Anirudh Pandita, Founders of Pocket Aces said, “We are thrilled to be back with What The Folks season 3 – our longest running web-series! The series has progressed beautifully over the last three years, from a light-hearted storyline to slowly touching upon serious family issues and now the third season will see some new relatable scenarios! We are also privileged to be able to partner with The Association of Mutual Funds in India(AMFI) & Godrej Interio, the brand ethos of both resonate deeply with our web-series and are a great value add.

Catch the weekly series beginning 5th October, 2019 on Dice Media’s YouTube and Facebook pages.