Parenting lessons by Akash from ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s Mentalhood to all the dads out there

20 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every mother’s dream and dad’s envy, the super-dad can raise the temperature of the kitchen and not only because of the delicious three-course meal that he can whip up with ease. He can swing the bat with as much suave steady as he can braid his daughter’s hair. He can responsibly take care of the entire house whilst also maintaining calm and order in the home. Wondering, where is this incredible all-rounder super-dad hiding? Well, all you have to do is tune-into ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s latest offering, Mentalhood. All hail Dino Morea’s powerful portrayal of Akash Fernandes, a single parent and a stay at home dad. Redefining the role of a single parent, he shows the right kind of parenting. We have listed 5 great qualities that make Akash, a perfect dad:


  1. Protective but not overThere is a fine line between being protective and going overboard with the same and Akash aces in clearly defining that line. Being a single parent and the only shield to his kids, Akash knows that he might have to go the extra mile to protect his kids, without overwhelming them with unnecessary worries. Handling both the roles of a mother and a father, he goes beyond to shield his kids while also allowing them to make their own mistakes.

  1. Not the angry-quiet dadAdapting to the changing times, Akash changes the age-old narrative of being a typical Indian father. He is in touch with his emotions and doesn’t shy from talking about his personal feelings with the kids. He understands both his kids and their aspirations and doesn’t let societal biases come in their way to fulfill them. His daughter can play football and his son can do ballet if they want to and he will not decide the future of his kids but they themselves will.

  1. A keeper of promisesNo matter what it takes if Akash promises his kids something, he will stick to his promise. Even the promise of being truthful to his kids and answering complicated questions that raise a question on his single parenting.

  1. Handles kids with so much easeWe have been watching scenes where kids find solace in mother’s lap, moms bathing their kids and getting them ready for school. Our society has tagged these duties as a ‘mother’s job’. Seeing Akash perform all these ‘motherly duties’ (as society sees it) with such perfection and smoothness is definitely a breath of fresh air.


  1. Every mom’s favouriteEvery mom wishes he was on their team and every dad is jealous of his ability to juggle. His sexy smart suave style just adds to his appeal. He handles his kids with so much ease and can give lessons on parenthood to all the moms and dads. From going to Yoga classes with moms to always being available in times of need, he is the go-to person for anything and everything.

Be like Akash.