Paramount backs out; Netflix backs Scorsese’s Mafia Magnam Opus.

27 . Apr . 2017
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Netflix has just made a $105 million deal to purchase the rights to ‘The Irishman’ ready for release in 2019 which can be safely called the most anticipated film of the century. As per the deal, they will share the film with their 93 million subscribers which in turn has the potential to skyrocket their subscriptions.

Martin Scorsese’s gangster magnum opus will star in it every stalwart you can think of from Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci to Harvey Keitel.

Paramount Pictures allegedly dropped out of the project, with a spokesperson stating that Scorsese’s movie is too ambitious a deal, and Paramount is not in the position to take risks. Netflix seized the opportunity and started negotiating with the makers; confident about the scope and range of the web audience.

Based on true events the film tells us the story of Frank Sheeran, a mob hit-man played by Robert De Niro accompanied by fellow wise guy Jimmy Hoffa played by Al Pacino, along with Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel.

Scorsese fans are beaming with excitement as this is the first time that all the actors involved will be working simultaneously in a film directed by the master.