Short Film: Paradigm Shift

31 . Mar . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The recent assault on a popular female Mollywood actor in Kochi is evidence that the sex crime stats in Kerala continue to rise in unbridled defiance against the state’s law enforcement machinery. Director Jayesh K Jayan pitches the issue on a thought-provoking note, and gets to the point quickly enough without needlessly beating around the bush. The movie unfolds under the neon lights of a city that has retired for the evening. A young working woman is accosted on a lonely road by a potential offender. The only thing standing between her and her stalker is her presence of mind along with a fair capacity for role-play.

What’s wow? The about-turn in the conclusion is worth a watch. Seethal Prince, the female lead, puts in a fine performance that grabs your eyeballs from the word go. The script is tight and spare, denying any room for histrionics.

What’s blah? The background score could have been a tad less jarring and predictable.

Parting shot: Although presence of mind may not always prove to be great armour against an armed stalker, as the film seems to suggest, there’s always an upside to being alert and calm while thwarting such situations. Go watch, we say.

Cast: Seethal Prince, Prince Karuthedan, Sandeep Pradeep

Director: Jayesh K Jayan

Produced by: Shinto

Duration : 6:28

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