OTT platforms changing viewing habits with nominal fees

11 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The audiences’ movie viewing habits have witnessed a change in the recent times. Many OTT platforms are coming into existence and that means a large number of movie titles are also available online. The major platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime are on a movie addition spree. There is something put up for every movie lover to watch online. All this is available at a nominal subscription fee.

The good thing about this new development is that it has had a positive impact on another industry. Film industries across the globe, loose a lot of money thanks to piracy. Despite repeated attempts and appeals from various entities involved, the privacy business had been booming.

But how does it help that OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others are also streaming films besides their own web series?

Things have begun to change in recent times. Through its nominal subscription fee model, these platforms are making sure that the audiences get used to viewing films in a more legit manner than downloading them from torrent and pirated websites. This in turn helps the film producers and distributors to make some money. The digital rights of films these days are a hot property, much like how satellite rights were up till now.

In India itself, the top actors like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, SRK and many more have deals with different OTT players to have their films streaming online. While very few people actually take the pains of subscribing to these OTT players for films currently, it is through popular web series and titles that the films available on these platforms find some audiences. But given these digital deals, things will fall into place for these platforms in the longer run.

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As more and more Bollywood actors will sign such deals that allow the OTT players to stream their recent release online, it is bound to attract a good number of people to subscribe to the platforms. So besides providing better content, the online medium is also contributing in killing the parasite that is lurking around in the entertainment industry – piracy.

Hoping it is will completely eradicate piracy from the industry and actually save the film producers and financiers some money!