One Digital Entertainment docuseries SOS raises awareness on mental illness

23 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

One Digital Entertainment has launched a new series Survivors of Suicide on Facebook to raise awareness about mental health problems and the stigma associated with it. The docuseries’ second episode has already crossed a million views on Facebook. It focusses on suicide attempt survivors to open up about their stories.

The show covers a range of mental disorders like clinical depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc.

The series opened up with the story of Kailash Kher’s wife Sheetal Bhan Kher who shared her harrowing experience of depression and suicidal tendencies after suffering from sexual abuse as a child.

Kailash Kher’s wife Sheetal Bhan Kher

The second episode said the story of Aakash Pawar, who suffered from bipolar disorder. His mother suffered from constant fear and paranoia, proving how mental illness can go beyond the one suffering it.

Aakash Pawar

The third episode of the series focused on Kavita Sarmah’s story of dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Kavita Sarmah

The fourth episode shared the story of Isha – she was sexually violated at a young age, ridiculed by school authorities, and ultimately she seeks love from an obsessive relationship. She struggles to find her worth as a housewife, and it’s her pet Cookie who keeps her going.

Isha Shrivastav

The series is directed by Richa Bajaj.

Richa Bajaj