Now, Diandra Soares Plays a Lesbian In Web Series

19 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Yuvvraj Parashar’s ‘Love Life & Screw Ups’ has been in the news for a while and here’s another shocking update. Former Bigg Boss contestant, Diandra Soares has a hot liplock scene.

Diandra portrays a lesbian who is engaged to a man because of family pressure. Mahi Sharma, a model, will play Diandra Soares’ love interest. She has earlier revealed that the kissing scene was shot in a single take. She also confessed that she was nervous about the scene initially.

There are other interesting facts coming out about the characters from the series too. Dolly Thakore plays the lesbian character’s mother. In the series, Dolly’s character is a LGBTQ supporter but has serious reservations about her daughter’s sexual orientation.