Now, a Short Film Festival for the Punjabi Film Industry

04 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Navtej Sandhu went through a lot of hassle before his short film ‘Nooran’ went on to become the first Punjabi short film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. To ensure that other filmmakers don’t face the problems that he faced, Sandhu has now launched ‘Sur Saanjh’, a festival for the Punjabi Film Industry.

During a media interaction, Sandhu said that short films are the future of filmmaking. He further said that Punjabi short films have forced the mainstream industry to come up with quality content. With an exclusive festival, there is a great prospect for growth now.

He also elaborated on the reason that he came up with the film festival. He spoke about the problem that the short film genre faces – even if they have good subjects and have good production values, they lack avenues and platforms to show their film to an audience. This, he says decreases a good film’s chances of being noticed. Sandhu also said that this was the reason he came up with the idea of starting a Punjabi short film festival.

Sandhu is getting support from other members of the film fraternity too. Puneet Watts, who was recently seen in the short film ‘Jebkatra’, said that such a festival will encourage short filmmakers and artists as they will get a platform for screening their projects and holding discussions.

This is certainly good news for the Punjabi short film industry.